A good live streaming experience begins with the equipment and Internet speed the client is going to use. We recommend a PC (or MAC) running Windows 7, 6 to 8 GB of RAM, hard drive of at least 500 GB, and an i5 processor OR a Video Encoder. In addition to that a good firewire or hdmi video capture card is also recommended. If you plan on using multiple cameras please let us know, because you will need a video switcher or some software such as wirecast. As far as internet speed (which will be checked with speedtest.net), it is preferred to be on Fios or cable. We need to have a minimum upload bandwidth of 700 Kbps, the best bandwidth for optimal viewing is 5 Mbps and Fios and Cable delivers that. 



The call platforms (PC, Android, IPhone, and Ipad) we stream in the H.264 formatomputer is then setup with the necessary software required for Live streaming (either Adobe Live Encoder or Wirecast, if using multiple cameras.) In order to stream across all platforms (PC, Android, IPhone, and Ipad) we stream in the H.264 format. The sound will need to come from an audio board and then connected to the PC. If using the sound directly from the camera, it will be low quality. After setup we can perform a dry run with testing. We will ensure that we a picture, sound and no lag or freezing. We will also ensure we can view on every device. Lastly, I will install remote support software so I can remote into the PC if there are any issues.